Abdulrahman Jaber
Ameen AlGhabery
Bushra AlFusail
Ibrahim AlGhaffari
Mohammed Khalifa
Najat AlKubi
Salwa AlSharabi
Curator’s Comment

"It is a part of the daily story between her and the family, house and kids. The story between “her” and “them”. Her life is divided in two parts, part for her and part(s) for them. From the time she wakes up till the time she sleeps. Before she eats she has to feed someone else. Before she does something for herself she has to do something for “them”. It is the story of unlimited giving, one of the great stories of life."

Abdulrahman Jaber
Sana'a, Yemen
Born in 1978

Designer and photographer
Portrait and editorial photography
Identity and branding
Graphic and interior design
Creative Director

Snono Company

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