Abdulrahman Jaber
Ameen AlGhabery
Bushra AlFusail
Ibrahim AlGhaffari
Mohammed Khalifa
Najat AlKubi
Salwa AlSharabi
Curator’s Comment

(70s Harmony)

"In '70ies Harmony', I wanted to show the brighter side of my father's memories from the time when he was an artist playing many musical instruments and was able to establish with his artist friends a musical band some songs of which are still alive till this moment, while playing music and forming bands in general has somehow become less common today.

(ID Killer)

'ID Killer' was inspired from the time, in the pre-90ies, when my father was set to jail for a long period of time for being suspected to be involved with one of the forbidden parties at that time. I was aiming to focus on how humiliating and harsh it must feel to be imprisoned as a mere suspect.

My father has always been the supporter of my work and a motivating force for me, and I owe him deeply. During my high school, I have been attracted to photography therefore I used to go with my father on his photography trips. He was my motivator since that time and the reason to love this career. I have devoted my time to develop my self to follow up with the new technologies and updates in the world.I tried, through the two series, to photograph two important stages from my father's memories, which contain both happyness and sadness, and that have drawn images in my imagination. I have always wanted to bring these images into reality, and now the moment has come."

Ameen Abdulrahman Al-Ghabery
Sana’a, Yemen
Born in 1987

Product photography
Documentary photography
Advertising photography
Graphic Design

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