Abdulrahman Jaber
Ameen AlGhabery
Bushra AlFusail
Ibrahim AlGhaffari
Mohammed Khalifa
Najat AlKubi
Salwa AlSharabi
Curator’s Comment

"I have always believed that no artist can paint a human face that carries the true feelings and emotions that are drawn on an individual's face. A picture is nearly the closest way to capture the human emotion. Our eyes are powerful in their expression, powerful in delivering a message of love, a message of hate, a message of peace or a message of hope. A message that saves us hundreds of words, bottles of ink and trees of paper. The message I try to deliver is a reminder that our power exists within and that an eye's look is worth a thousand words."

Ibrahim AlGhaffari
Sana'a, Yemen
Born in 1987

Inspired by American photographer Scott Schumann
Professional photographer since 2008
Works in film, novel writing and picturing Yemeni society

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