Abdulrahman Jaber
Ameen AlGhabery
Bushra AlFusail
Ibrahim AlGhaffari
Mohammed Khalifa
Najat AlKubi
Salwa AlSharabi
Curator’s Comment

“I kept watching the crossroads from the same view for years now, with all shots taken from exactly the same spot. Light virtually grew out of darkness.
dark and cloudy night where the moon had difficultly appearing is what I associated with a sense of the Unknown, when the two part of the country were separated. Hesitantly, light comes up and get brighter and more colorful, giving a feeling of establishment and growth, virtually equal to the infrastructural improvements. Finally, the lights turn the night into day, lights giving hope, a feeling of positive events upcoming.”   “Here I show the traditionally peaceful and accepting attitude of Adenis towards others. Mosques, churches and temples are presented near to each other, they bear witness to the different communities that once shared the same space, be they Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Zoroastrian or Hindu. A sense of kindness and acceptance of a strong civil society is what is still existing within Adenis.” 

The Window
…at the end I found my self in the evening time so I was not afraid from the coming night because the lights of my beautiful country will lighten my way to the end of my life…”

Mohammed Z. Khalifa
Aden, Yemen
Born in 1981
Freelance photography
“The Entire City” Workshop 2008

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