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Curator’s Comment

“I have always been intrigued by the notion of child marriages in our country - to imagine what the little girl-bride will feel like, to figure how the realm of childhood collides with marriage life.  I wanted to tell with my series that child marriage is a real problem that Yemen suffers from.
We all heard about the story that spread all over because of its eight years old heroine Nujud. Her father found the price of his daughter the only way to rescue his family; she was presented as a scapegoat and her dowry was the means to bring food to the rest of the family. There are many other children in Yemen who are “married off” in childhood, and it is obvious that there is a coalition between poverty, habits and traditions that push the people to early marriage. It is likely that the recorded cases of early marriage are nominal and the real picture is more grim.
There are a growing number of people concerned with the issues of ‘early marriage’ who believe that personal status law during the unification has caused some regression as compared to the Yemeni law from both the previous North and the previous South, with marriage age limited to 16 likewise.
I still remember a husband who married early and he and his young wife found themselves responsible for a family with 6 children where life is costly, with demanding job as well as a house and their children’s education. He came one day saying to his wife, “I swear I will not let my daughters marry until they complete their university degrees”.

Salwa AlSharabi
Sana’a, Yemen
Born in 1978

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